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I will be joining forces with Katt McConnell on Saturday, October 2nd, to go busking in Broad Ripple. We will more than likely be somewhere near the Rainbow Bridge on Guilford Avenue, or we’ll find a cozy spot along the Monon where we’re not too in the way. If you come looking and don’t find us right away I’d suggest wandering around the Ripple and following the sound of the Super Seagull guitar… or the lovely fiery-haired soprano making all the passers-by swoon and stuff.

We should be getting there by around 3:00pm but might not be set up and actually playing/singing until around 3:30pm to 4:00pm. We’ll stick around probably until we’re tired, we’ll see. This is kindof an experiment so it’s tough to say just what will happen. And of course if there is a big horde around us we will probably be in the way of other folk trying to get from one place or another and get into trouble, so please feel free to come by and say hello if you happen to be in the area (or if you’d REALLY like to PUT yourself in the area, that’d be awesome), but please be respectful of the neighborhood and try not to treat it like the street is a concert hall. ;) We don’t want to be pests. =)

Also if you’d like to assist in carrying things or help hand out flyers for the show on October 8th please feel free to email me. Again, I don’t want to have a horde of people hanging out on the street and we will have very specific rules about how things are to be distributed so as not to get into any trouble with the locals, so please be respectful of that. There’s a fine line between busking and panhandling/soliciting and I’d REALLY prefer to stay on the busking side of it.

Hope to see you there, at least in passing!

Much love,

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So my rock-awesome little brother who is WAY cooler than me, Cory Pettit, booked your favorite Folk-Rock Superhero to play a gig in the midst of a bunch of really cool boy bands. ;) Okay they might have girls in them too, I didn’t look really closely. But they’re all pretty damned talented and you should come see.

…’cause if you DON’T come see… it will make me sad. *sniffle*

Come and be awesome with us!!!!!!!

There are more details here:

The show is at “The Dojo” (2207 N. College Avenue Indianapolis, IN) on October 8th at 7:00pm. Cost is $5 for all ages. Yours truly plays at 7:30pm, but I’d encourage watching the other bands too. Indie is tough stuff, having people listen to you play is NICE.

Keep being awesome!!!

Crystal Wolf

Originally posted at Crystal's World Feel free to comment here or there.
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