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I think it would depend heavily on what the crime was and whether or not he'd served time for it, but I doubt it.  There are some crimes I'd have some serious issue with... like rape.  I wouldn't know what to do with that one.  Murder would be iffy but it would depend on the why.  

And let's face it... if Chris offed someone, they probably had it coming. ;)
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Humor is a BIG one.  'Cause if a person can't laugh, they can't put up with me... it's pretty much as simple as that.  Intelligence isn't a necessity but I tend to be drawn to intelligent people (although I don't consider myself terribly brainy.  But maybe it's just 'cause all my friends are geniuses and it makes me feel dumb. ;)  Geniuses?  Genii?  I don't know.)  I think that compassion is probably a must... although not all of my friends readily admit they're compassionate. ;)  Ummmmm... honesty is pretty important.  I don't care for being lied to, but it's really more of a communication issue.  I like to understand situations clearly and I hate being misled.  So it's not so much "Lying is wrong" as it is "Lying causes communication breakdowns and that's frustrating."

Beyond that I don't really know.  I mean my biggest qualification is "not an asshole" and "doesn't abuse me".  I guess the biggest thing I really look for is respect.  In the past I made the poor decision to make friends with people who didn't know how to respect their fellow human beings, whether those human beings deserved it or not.  I learned that that seems to allow people to justify treating you like shit on a whim.  So I decided that mutual respect is too important to ignore, and if I'm dealing with someone who seems to have no respect for his CURRENT friends, I'm not going to bother with him.  Or her, for that matter. ;) 

And yes, I've made exception to that.  It never ended well.  Won't happen again.

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[Error: unknown template qotd] my knee-jerk reaction is to echo virginia-fell and say "whoever didn't ask me to choose." I don't do ultimatums very well, but then I generally don't have much USE for them either. Still, it makes me think... if I had a friend who was REALLY my friend, and they told me that they wanted me to choose between them and my significant other, who would I choose to trust? I trust Chris implicitly. I trust my close friends only slightly less. If someone close enough to me to consider a "close friend" felt so strongly that they would ASK me to choose (because few of my friends WOULD ever ask me to choose)... what would I do with that?

I can think of only one friend who's opinion I would consider even remotely so valuable as to consider the matter at all, and I cannot imagine that he would ever, EVER give me that sort of ultimatum.

As far as Chris is concerned, that's a no-brainer... he wouldn't give me that kind of ultimatum either. But if I were with someone who did... I think that would definitely make me rethink the whole relationship. My S/O doesn't have to love all of my friends and all of my friends don't have to love my S/O... but if one dislikes the other so much that they'd consider giving me an ultimatum, I would have to consider both sides very carefully. SO I suppose my answer is not so succinct as "whoever didn't ask me to choose", as much as I'd like it to be. I guess my answer would have to be, like so many of my answers to questions like this; I don't know, it would depend upon the situation, and regardless, it would make me seriously consider both the friend and the S/O.

I have only had one instance where someone gave me that kind of ultimatum... it's either your boyfriend or us. I'm not with that boyfriend anymore... but I don't speak to those people anymore either. Their actions were indicative of the sort of people they are and the manner in which they conduct their relationships (which is to say that they feel the need to control and manipulate), and it was a manner in which I decided I preferred to never, ever have a relationship again.

So perhaps that answers that question better than anything else.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]In this internet age, you would think that when people heard about things like this they would take a half second to do some research on the subject, find out if it really DESERVES to be freaked out about.

The swine flu DOESN'T.

Granted, if I lived in mexico, I would be more concerned.  And perhaps it will get worse.  But as it stands, there have been NO fatailities from this strain of flu outside of Mexico.  It's not been found in any pigs outside of Mexico.  There haven't even been any secondary cases (a person who has not been to Mexico coming down with the flu having contracted it from someone who HAS been to Mexico) in the US as far as I've seen (that might have changed, the last time I heard anything was this morning).

People freak out over shit like this all the time, because when some idiot tells them that the world is ending, they buy into it.  Our gullibility may be an evolutionary failsafe against some of the nasty things that could take us out (despite being at the top of the food chain), but sometimes, it's fucking ridiculous.  Wake up.  There are things to worry about that are worth your energy.  This isn't one.

And now back to your regularly scheduled whining and complaining.



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