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So for the first time in evar and evar, I ACTUALLY have a bit of extra cash. I decided I want to spend a teeeeeeensy bit of it, on this site: . The self-striping sock yarn makes me go oooo and aaaaaaaah. I’m so excited. I haven’t decided what I want to get yet tho. ;) Here’s the self-striping sock-yarn section… any suggestions?

For the time being I’ve been working on the ever-elusive afghan project (no, it’s not a suicide bomber.  Elana already beat you to that joke, sorry.)  I picked a color, picked a pattern from “Beginner’s Guide - Knit Stitches and Easy Projects“, and this is what I’ve got so far:

From knitting

It makes me happy. I like the horshoe stitch in particular…

From knitting

it just feels very, flow-ey. Is that a word? And if so, am I butchering it? =)

Been mostly working it while Chris and I get caught up on Battlestar Galactica (DO NOT spoil me. I’m only just starting season 3. If you aren’t sure what you’ve seen in which season, JUST DON’T TALK ABOUT IT. I am SERIOUSLY sick of being spoiled on this show, and I WILL eat you.) I’m hoping to be caught up by the finale… and I’m equally hopeful that someone will throw a finale party. ;)

It’s nice to be making an afghan but it’s definitely an exercise in patience. The therapist suggests DO NOT PULL OUT THE PROJECT AND START OVER.

So NOW the question becomes… do I stick with a solid color, or do I vary??? Hmmmm, decisions decisions…


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So I decided recently I wanted to add a new knitting blog to my website. I’ve been doing a lot more knitting lately but I haven’t blogged anything about it, and I’m subscribed to all of these crazy knitting blogs in my Greader…

So, here ya go. =)

I don’t really have time right at the moment to post anything about knitting projects, just wanted to let you know I’m out here. =)  If you’re reading from my LJ, I will make sure and tag all these entries with a “knitting” tag, but you can also come and visit the blog itself via the link at the bottom of the entries.  Also, if you are subscribed to my normal blog at (which is anything BUT normal), you’ll have to subscribe for an account on THIS blog in order to post comments… the accounts do not carry over.  =) 

So that’s it for now, but if you’re really desperate to see some of my work you can go oggle the Jayne hat I made for Stephen.

Catcha lata!!!!


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