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My friend Ron is watching his father deteriorate before his eyes.

In the past few weeks/months he’s had people ask how his father is in manufactured concern and then go on to whine to him about their problems and drag him into them. He’s had one crazy person come onto him continuously in front of his fiance, proposition him, lose her fucking mind on him, and then come onto him again… all while she was (and is) dating one of his closest friends. He’s had people pull shit. He’s had people start shit. He’s had people come to him whining about problems that they either create for themselves or invite into their lives and expect him to be compassionate for them (genius, have you MET Ron? I mean really? Do you pay any fucking attention?), and get mad when he doesn’t have time or patience to listen gracefully. He’s had people start rumors about him and then lie about starting those rumors. He’s had people judge. He’s had people make fun. He’s had people dismiss.

Now I know and you know that the world doesn’t stop turning because you’re grieving. And I know and you know that grieving doesn’t give you license to be an asshole. But if you act like an idiot to someone who’s watching their loved one die of a painful disease, and they go off on you, why are you going to act surprised? Why are you gonna go off whining that they hurt you and they should be ashamed?

Ron’s pretty tough. He doesn’t dump his shit on other people to deal with. He doesn’t come to you cryin’ an bawlin’ about his father ’cause that’s not the way he rolls. But open your fucking eyes, morons. He doesn’t need your shit dumped on him. He doesn’t need your false pity in your attempts to win some game that you’ve made of his friendship. He doesn’t need your ass flipping out on him.

The man is WATCHING HIS FATHER DIE. What is it about that that you don’t GET?

If you can’t hold your shit together, fucking stay away from him. Leave him the fuck alone. Leave him for those of us who are able to pull our heads out of our asses long enough to give a shit about someone else’s problems more than we give a shit about other people feeling sorry for us.

Or keep it up. Keep on pokin’ the wounded bear. Go on… but call me first, ’cause I want to get it on video when he chews your fucking head off. And in the background of that video, you will hear me laughing my ass off. Because you have it coming.


(Can you tell I have a low tolerance for stupidity today?)


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