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Why do so many people seem to think that they can buy the right to be an asshole?  Has anyone else ever noticed this?  They do something nice for you, and ever after that, you’re never allowed to be displeased with anything they do.  They can talk to you however they like, treat you however they like, and because they did something nice at some point in your shared history, you should just shut up and be grateful.  “I did XYZ for you, and this is the thanks I get????”  yes, this is the thanks you get.  It doesn’t buy your way out of being responsible for your actions.

I see people do this in the market as well, of course.  You bought a meal at a resturaunt so you have the right to be an asshole to the waitress, and then bitch to the manager when she doesn’t keep smiling at you.  You’re paying for something at a store so you’re welcome to be rude to the staff there. 

It’s entitlement mentality at it’s worst, and it’s becoming an epidemic. 

Because, y’see, you don’t get to buy the right to be an asshole.  You can bend over backwards doing something for someone and when you turn around and stab them in the back, they’re still going to be mad at you.   You can give someone a million dollars and it doesn’t give you the right to take out your aggression on them. 

I’m not going to say I don’t get it.  I definitely get it.  It’s an excuse.  A simple-minded one, at that.  It’s an opportunity for someone who’s victimizing someone else to play the victim.  It’s how simple, stupid, unsocialized and uneducated morons recuse themselves from being held accountable for being bullies.

No one gets to buy the right to treat you like shit.  No one.



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