Nov. 1st, 2008 12:26 pm
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Does anybody know if IPL will trn your electricity off on a weekend?

I'm behind on my bill. When I called this morning the automated lady said that thepast due amount "to avoid service interruption" was due on October 20th. I tried to request a payment extension but the office was closed. =P so I'll have to do that Monday and hope they'll give me until the 15th to pay it, because it's $241.43 and that's the soonest I could have that much. I'm already living without high speed interwebz, which is no biggie, but if the power gets turned off I'll have to stay someplace else until the 15th.

*sigh* I'll be glad when I start getting things caught up
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Everyone likes to talk about themselves, but no one likes to admit it. ;)

I'm one of those people who not only doesn't like to admit it, but also hates doing it for the risk that the response will confirm that she's terribly uninteresting.  That said... the topic requires it.  So, I'll pretend to be humble, blush, smile, and tell you anyway.  ;)

What sorts of things do you say when you go to introduce yourself?  I tend to say that I'm 26 years old, I'm from Indianapolis, Indiana - which is a city something like the lovechild of Chicago, IL and BFE, Kentucky - and I like to write.  I could mention my job but I'm currently a "temp" which you never really want to mention upon first meeting people. ;) I could say what I look like, but I'm not really tall or short, not particularly fat but not by any stretch of the imagination thin... I have brown eyes and color-changing hair (it's dark-blonde right now.  I think the natural color is some kind of brown, and with a little salt-and-pepper last I checked my roots)... and, otherwise, I'm pretty nondescript.  I tend to get "you look like someone I know..." a lot, because there's nothing particularly spectacular about my appearance (except those fantastic long eyelashes. ;)  Those are terribly fun.)

So, I'll tell you, instead, why I wanted to do this LJ Idol thing.

I've watched my friends beldar and the_dark_snack participate in this a couple of times without jumping on the bandwagon for no other reason than that I just wasn't paying enough attention when the time rolled around.  I LOVE the idea of a writing "contest" like this, because not only do I love to write, but I am a TOTAL COMMENT JUNKIE.  If I HAD access to LJ during the day, you'd see far more posts from me.  As it is, I tend to post by emailing myself a post and then copying and pasting it via my Superphone (a T-Mobile Dash with Windows Mobile 6 installed) onto LJ. I love technology. ;)  And I love reading and commenting on friends' journals as well.

I have always loved the idea of a living journal... someplace where we can put our thoughts and get other people's thoughts ON them.  I love the idea of someplace where we can very, VERY, openly, be ourselves... and almost always find that there's someone else out there who doesn't think that we're a total freak.

And I love to read.  I love to find new friends and read them.  I love to read what THEIR friends have read about them, and what they think of it.  I love, to read, you.

And so I'm here to read you and write to you... and that's pretty much me.

Other random defining Crys characteristics:
I love science fiction and fantasy
I sing (and occasionally play the guitar) and have an ecclectic taste in music
I'm either extremely talkative or incredibly quiet, without any real median
My favorite season is Fall
My favorite color is purple
I'm Pagan
I love animals
I have a "Chasing Amy" view on sexuality... we fall in love with who we fall in love with, we're attracted to who we're attracted to, and I'm not willing to rule someone out on the basis of something as random as gender
I, sometimes, live in my own little world. =)


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