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Jul. 6th, 2009 04:18 pm
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Had a FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC time at the convention. This year was my first year even being ON panels and I got to moderate my first one. Woohoo!!! It was a great time and I even had fun arguing with Jeff about effeminate vampires. Hey, I got a hug out of the deal, LOL. =D

It WAS a big downer that miss Kathie couldn’t make it, both because we didn’t get to enjoy her awesome awesomeness AND because the REASON she didn’t get to make it sucked major ass. But hopefully things will work out. We trudge through, we always do.

Got to hang out with lots of awesome folks, the Repo! evening was TEH SHYTE, and everything was seriously full of win. I did a lot of bouncing around between friends and social groups and spent VERY little time on my own, and that time was only at my own doing*. It was good times. =)

Great to meet Tammy Jo Eckhart (again, but I don’t think she remembers either time she’s met be before, and that’s alright, lol), Lou Harry, Sarah Zattel, and Robin Wood, among many many others.

And I would just like to say that Robin Wood is at least as cool as she is talented. And she is VERY TALENTED!!!!

Ellen, our friendly neighborhood conchair, was AWESOME, Stephen our programming head pulled together a great show, mah beautiful mama Anjala and her knight-in-camo-armor Dillan did a FANTASTIC job at the art show, mah friend Mel (and Liz!) ROCKED OUT the bellydance panel (that was SO MUCH FUN!), and I unfortunately missed Tom’s concert (mostly so that Chris could see it, since he never gets to and ONE of us had to go give the cat her de-worming drops), but hanging out with him at Dead Dog after the con while he wrote songs for Michael Z. Williamson’s son (Mike being also QUITE full of AWESOME… I still haven’t had the chance to read his stuff but I LOVE LOVE LOVE his weaponry booth… and if you see him at a con you should definitely check him out!) was a BLAST. All in all, I think it went very, VERY well. =D I even managed to behave myself and keep drama free for the ENTIRE weekend! Almost dipped my toe in just with my big mouth once or twice, but I think I did good, lol.

Much love to everyone (can you tell I spent a good portion of the weekend yapping with Tony? LOL) who made it out and everyone who couldn’t. I wish I could call out every one person who made my weekend awesome, but if I start I’m afraid the list will go on forever and WORSE, that I will leave someone important out. I hope you guys know who you are and if you don’t, hopefully I’ll get a chance to tell you in the near future. :)

Oh, and Jesse, I want you to know, even though we didn’t get to hang as much as I actually would have liked to, you really really really REALLY did make the convention better for me. I’m glad you came, and I will totally respect what you decide to do but I hope you enjoyed yourself enough that it makes you want to come back next year. *huggles* :)

I am completely wiped out, but I’m still glowing. :)


*and as much fun as I was having, I probably should have taken a bit more, ’cause I am zombie girl today. “Soooooolitude… I need soooooooolitude….” LOL

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