Mar. 23rd, 2010

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I don’t have time to write all of what went on today or the things that are in my head tonight in regards to the whole situation, so I’m just going to post the letter I sent to Melody, the egg-donor formerly known as my biological mother, and let you get the story from that.

By the way, my apologies if you are offended by what I had to say at the end, but it was what I felt and my truth, not a slam at every instance of faith in the universe. I do not have any respect for her conception of deity. You may worship a deity of the same name with some of the same features, but if you are my friend, trust me when I say that she worships a completely different one of her own making, and that I mean no disrespect to your faith by any stretch of the imagination.


Bill King, who has up to this point claimed himself the title of my Father, decided to drag my name through the mud, call me a liar and claim that I was trying to destroy his marriage, so that he could continue to betray his wife and his step-daughters. So you decided that instead of telling me the truth, giving me the chance to clear myself, you would hide… because it was what he wanted.

You told Cory, and told him not to tell me because you didn’t want me to go to Bill about it. Why would you not want me to know, if it weren’t to protect yourself AND him? To continue to support him and HELP him rip my name and my honor… me, who is his daughter… to shreds, just so that he could continue to betray his family and string you along? And you did that, for nothing more than a shred of his attention.

Then when Cory told me and I confronted you, instead of owning up to what you did, you lied. And you can say that you lied so that I wouldn’t be mad at you for not doing anything in the first place, but that begs the question… why didn’t you do anything in the first place? You don’t have that excuse for helping Bill lie about me and accuse me of maliciously trying to break up his marriage for no good reason, and by keeping it from me, that is exactly what you were doing. You were enabling it. You were helping. So to further protect yourself, but moreso, I think (because this was your reason in the first place) to continue to help him to do this to me, you did even worse… you lied about Cory. You lied about Cory in the same way and for the same reasons that Bill lied about me. What he did to me, when he lied to his wife and step-daughters (or even just let them believe it, which is just as bad) that he never had any dealing with you, and that I had made up the whole thing, out of nowhere, for no reason… you did that same thing to Cory. You are willing to be just as abusive and moral-less as he is.

And in the meantime, you had the nerve to be angry with Cory because YOU wanted to play the victim. You decided that the only reason he might have for telling me the truth was to hurt you. Pretty much the same way you decided that whoever told Barb the truth did it to hurt Bill. You’re so stuck up your own ass that you can’t see the truth, the reality, that people tell one another the truth because they deserve to know, because they deserve to be TOLD the truth, by their spouses and, if not them, by someone who WILL be honest with them and treat them with some modicrum of respect. And you called him an ungrateful brat for that. A name that I find chillingly familiar. Despite the fact that you had blatantly used Cory as a shield to protect yourself, and Bill as well, from the truth… despite the fact that you were willing to tell his own sister that he was maliciously lying to her and was willing to fuck with her head when it was in fact YOU who was doing that, you still had the nerve to be angry with him and pick fights with him.

And then, last night, you apologized, for the lying.

To me.

You seemed pretty contrite, so although I wanted time and I didn’t trust you any further than I could throw you because, even if you’re sincere (which frankly, I don’t know anymore), I couldn’t trust your judgment, I still thought that it was possible that you were being genuine, that you really understood the gravity of the fact that you not only helped this man hurt me and shame me over something that wasn’t even TRUE, but you were willing to hurt and shame your own SON for something that wasn’t even true. And I was still thinking about that today.

Chris had mentioned to Cory that you had badmouthed he and Zoey around us and that it made him (Chris) uncomfortable, and that now that this came out, he had a good reason not to believe the things that you said about them (or at least to figure that you had twisted their actions in your own mind to make yourself a martyr.) Cory and I talked about it today, and he said that it really bothered him that you were badmouthing him and Zoey to Chris and I. And I told him, because I wanted to know what his response would be, I wanted to know the truth, or at least his perspective… I told him that you had said that Zoey was controlling and that she lied all of the time. I didn’t do it to “turn him against you”, so you can quit telling yourself that. I did it because I wanted to know what he would say… if perhaps he would tell me that Zoey does have a flair for the dramatic, or that maybe she exaggerates… and then at least I could feel like there MIGHT be SOME credit to what you were saying.

He didn’t say any of those things. He had no reason to. For the same reason, I’m willing to bet, that you never had any examples of Zoey actually lying.

And it bothered Cory. But he wasn’t planning on bringing it up, until you picked a fight with him. And then he confronted you about it.

And then you, who swore up and down to me last night that you were sorry for telling me that Cory had been lying to me and that you hadn’t said the things that he told me you said… told Cory that I was lying and that you didn’t say the things that I told him you said.

You said you were sorry. I think it’s possible that you even believed you WERE sorry. But what I want to tell you now, is that you were not, in fact, sorry. Because you had a rule once and that rule has stayed with me since I was young.

You’re not sorry if you turn around and do it again.

I think that you were upset that I was mad at you. I think that you are a sad, frightened person with abandonment issues and that you had me and hoped that I, at least, wouldn’t leave you, that you could talk to me and I could make you feel better and care about you. I think that that’s a shame. I think that you think the same thing about Cory. Cory, for good or ill, hasn’t had the life experiences that I’ve had to teach him that people like that have issues, they are not healthy, and they’re looking for co-dependency, not love. But even that, I could forgive. Even that I could deal with, because I thought that you were my Mother.

But it’s the fact that you want and need so desperately to find some way, consciously or unconsciously, to keep Cory and I attached to you, whether it’s by feeling sorry for you, or believing that you’re contrite and that you agree with us, or by appealing to genetic ties… and that you are ALSO willing to not only let others lie to us and about us and manipulate others regarding us, and that you are willing to manipulate us yourself. Those are things I can’t abide. Those are dealbreakers for me. You manipulated me when you told me that Cory had lied to me, and you manipulated me for the sake of a man who is currently lying to his wife and pinning that lie on his own daughter. You tried to manipulate Cory when you told him that Chris and I were trying to turn him and Zoey against you by telling him what you’d said, and when you denied having said it. And how long will you wait to tell Cory that you were lying? I wonder. Probably not terribly long, so that you can turn around and say “But I did tell you the truth eventually!” But then how long, after that, will it be before you do the same thing again. You apologize and are contrite and seemingly humble… and then you’re abusive and manipulative and deceptive. And yes, you HAVE been abusive. Behaving the way that you did toward Cory, AFTER you had stabbed in him the back, was abusive. You’ve been abusive toward me in the past and I fully expect you to do it again. And so you’re wonderful and nice, and then you’re mean and deceptive and manipulative. All things that, if I recall correctly, were fairly good reasons for us to get as far away as we could from Gary.

I learned far more than you did from that situation, by the way.

I don’t want your apology. These are the things that you have done. Those are your reasons. I don’t want to hear your apologies, or your justifications, or any more of your explanations and your “Ok, but listen, just listen to me, because that’s not why I did it, that’s not what’s going on, that’s not what I said”s, because they’re meaningless. You may believe them yourself for all I know, but they aren’t true, and I won’t hear them anymore. What I said up there is all reality, whether you want to admit it or not. It’s not “the way that I see it”, it is what you yourself have proven to be so. I don’t want your penance. What Cory does is up to him, and whether or not he has anything to do with you is entirely his choice.

But as far as I am concerned, you are someone who is willing to manipulate and abuse your own children, and who is willing to lie about your own children and help someone ELSE to lie about your own children, and damn the consequences… you told me yourself that people can act crazy in situations like this. If Barb really thinks that I made all of this up to break up hers and Bill’s marriage… you have no idea what her reaction towards me might be, and you don’t care. You’re willing to risk me for your lies and for the lies of an abusive, vindictive, manipulative man. And then you “give up” because you “keep screwing up”. Which tells me nothing more than that you are willing to do these things, but instead of making things right, you want immediate absolution and forgiveness. That tells me that you don’t understand exactly what you’ve done to the two of us, how you’ve damaged us, and what it means. I don’t hate you. I don’t even refuse to forgive you. But I don’t trust you, not as you are. And you can ask your god for any absolution you like, and perhaps he will continue to put up with you turning around and doing it again. Perhaps that’s all he CAN do. “They may never forgive me, but I know that you will, because you are what I have decided that you are, and I know how you think.” It is a very good excuse to keep an imaginary friend around.

I don’t want to hear what you have to say. Don’t respond to me. I write this to show you what you’ve done and nothing more. I don’t even care what you do with it. I doubt that it will do any good, and frankly it’s more for me than it is for you. I feel a need, to state the truth. The reality. And if you respond I won’t read it.

This is the bed that you made.

Lie in it.

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