Jan. 21st, 2010

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So if I haven't responded for the past couple of days it's because I've felt so disoriented that I keep forgetting, or I can't think straight enough to come up with an answer.

According to the doc, I've got an inner ear infection that's causing vertigo.

Thinking about it, it kinda makes sense.  I've felt, "Off".  Off balance, off kilter, like the whole world is just... weird.  And then I've felt ANXIOUS, because the whole world feels weird.

It's a terrible feeling.  It's like you're constantly trying to get your bearings and you don't know why you CAN'T seem to get your bearings.  The vertigo medicine is helping a bit (though this morning's hasn't completely kicked in yet) so I'm going to assume the doc is right.  It's amazing, though, how much it throws me off... I can't think straight, I feel like everything is spinning all of the time, there's no way to focus or sort anything out... I'm completely disoriented.

Fun stuff.

So yeah.  I stayed home from work today just to get some rest and try to get better.  I'm off tomorrow when I get to go to my therapist and talk about how frustrating and confusing this is, and then I'll go in on Saturday.  I feel better about work with the thought that I'm NOT going to feel completely disoriented when I go in.

Good times.



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