Jan. 18th, 2010

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So Chris surprised me and took me to see "The Lovely Bones" today because I read the book and LOVED LOVED LOOOOVED it.

And I've got to tell you..

do... NOT... see this movie.

If you read the book and liked it, DO NOT go see the movie.  If you HAVEN'T read the book... GO read the book, 'cause it's GREAT.  And Do NOT, NOT, NOT see the movie!

It's rare that I say something like that, because usually when a book gets translated to film I can understand pulling out some elements and adding others for the sake of making it a watchable story.  But I talked with Chris (who hasn't read the book), and it didn't make any sense to him either.  The story was disjointed and difficult to understand.  The only good reason to take out or put in elements of a story when you translate it to film is to make it EASIER to understand.  They actually removed core plot elements that made it HARDER to understand.

I don't get it.  The cinematography was actually really nice, the actors were great... it had potential to be a fantastic story.  But the screenplay, was TERRIBLE.  They didn't just gut the original story... that I could at least stomach (even though I don't always like it.)  But they gutted it, cut off it's extremeties, and taped a leg to its forehead and an arm to its ass and paraded it down the street.

I want to go get the book and read it again just to remind myself how fantastic a story it is.  The movie RUINED it.  It DESECRATED it and spit on it and then kicked it into a gutter.




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