Jan. 17th, 2010

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Humor is a BIG one.  'Cause if a person can't laugh, they can't put up with me... it's pretty much as simple as that.  Intelligence isn't a necessity but I tend to be drawn to intelligent people (although I don't consider myself terribly brainy.  But maybe it's just 'cause all my friends are geniuses and it makes me feel dumb. ;)  Geniuses?  Genii?  I don't know.)  I think that compassion is probably a must... although not all of my friends readily admit they're compassionate. ;)  Ummmmm... honesty is pretty important.  I don't care for being lied to, but it's really more of a communication issue.  I like to understand situations clearly and I hate being misled.  So it's not so much "Lying is wrong" as it is "Lying causes communication breakdowns and that's frustrating."

Beyond that I don't really know.  I mean my biggest qualification is "not an asshole" and "doesn't abuse me".  I guess the biggest thing I really look for is respect.  In the past I made the poor decision to make friends with people who didn't know how to respect their fellow human beings, whether those human beings deserved it or not.  I learned that that seems to allow people to justify treating you like shit on a whim.  So I decided that mutual respect is too important to ignore, and if I'm dealing with someone who seems to have no respect for his CURRENT friends, I'm not going to bother with him.  Or her, for that matter. ;) 

And yes, I've made exception to that.  It never ended well.  Won't happen again.

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Does anyone else have a favorite bathroom stall?  I mean like in a public restroom that you frequent (like at work or at school.)




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